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In the world of natural stone, our search for timeless elegance often brings us across gorgeous pieces like Kandla Grey, Country Anthracite and Earthcore Grey that stand the test of time. These exquisite stones were given as gifts by mother earth millions of years ago with beautiful hues and textures created as nature worked its magic on these marvellous specimens – we will embark on this blog’s adventure together as we discover these captivating beauties as gifts from nature that add style and sophistication into spaces everywhere they reside!

Kandla Grey: Subtle Charm with Neutral Tones

Kandla Grey owes its origin and features to India’s coastal town of Kandla and features an elegant palette of neutral grey hues with smooth and polished surfaces that add charisma.Kandla Grey flooring and wall cladding is an aesthetically pleasing way to elevate any indoor and outdoor environment, adding understated elegance to garden pathways, patios and terrace flooring in outdoor settings; inside as flooring or even wall cladding or even as part of an elegant fireplace surround.

Country Anthracite: An Iconic CharmEarthcore Grey: An Eclectic Blend

Origins and Features

Earthcore Grey sandstone boasts an alluring combination of natural colours that span from soft greys to warm browns with elegant veining that adds character.Earthcore Grey’s earthy appeal makes it an attractive option for modern and traditional design projects alike, making it popular with outdoor landscape architects as a setting material for pathways or living areas, or indoor spaces as flooring, wall cladding or decorative pieces. The Second Project


Kandla Grey, Country Anthracite and Earthcore Grey are each magnificent works of nature with distinct allures and charm.By appreciating and protecting natural wonders like Kandla Grey, Country Anthracite, Earthcore Grey and many other precious items our earth provides us, future generations will continue to marvel at their splendour.