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Natural stones rival Paris Crema, Limestone Grey, and Paris Giorgio. These exquisite limestone varieties carry with them an air of history and sophistication. That pays homage to Paris streets and architecture alike. We will dive deep into their captivating allure. How these gorgeous limestone options can transform spaces into works of art.

Paris Crema: Offering Classic Luxury

Paris Crema limestone boasts an elegant creamy hue evoking Parisian architecture and can be found only at select quarries worldwide. Famed for its timeless appeal and sophisticated beauty, Paris Crema limestone boasts timeless beauty as a source material.

Uses and Applications

Paris Crema is an ideal material to add classic luxury into a space. As part of interior design projects it makes a stunning statement as flooring or wall cladding.It adds sophistication to garden pathways, patios or poolside areas.

LimeStone Grey: An Epoch of Subtle Tones

LimeStone Grey is an exquisite work of subtle beauty.Its soft muted tones of grey creating an aura of peace and serenity. Composed by millions of years’ worth of evolution over millennia.

Paris Girgio: Capturing the Elegance of French Grey

Paris Girgio limestone derives its name from French for “grey,” creating a captivating blend of grey tones evoking Parisian streets and charm. Boasting delicate veining for added appeal.

Paris Girgio Indoors it serves as flooring or wall cladding; outdoors it creates inviting pathways or courtyard flooring or hardscaping elements – lending itself perfectly for use by interior and landscape designers alike.


 Paris Crema, LimeStone Grey and Paris Girgio limestones are truly nature-made masterpieces.Each possessing their own special allure and European appeal. From classic luxury of Paris Crema to serene beauty of LimeStone Grey and elegant Paris Girgio; these limestones can transform any space into places of timeless sophistication.